Comic #158 -
Eggman Begins
Created: 11-05-12

OMG, it is true, a new comic. Actually, I drew this comic last Thursday, along with the Yellow Warning daily comic and a slightly longer comic which I will hopefully be getting finished next week. I also drew out a new Stuart Dent comic (see [#134] - Valentines Day and [#143] - Love Voucher) which needs editing and colouring and should be finished soon.
The last week has basically been a right off comic-wise.  I went back to see my family and used took the chance to spend some proper with my little nephews.  I drew no real comics whilst I was home (I really wasn't feeling motivated to), although my 3 year old nephew and I did some crayon drawings together and I drew a very very rough silly shirt story about my nephews rescuing Gibbo from the frog monster which I might get around to uploading at the weekend.
Sorry for the absence.  I will aim for next week to be a proper three comic week if I get chance, and if possible get a head start on the week after's comic as that is going to be another weird, travelling back and forth kind of week.
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